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Texas Eclipse

Apr 5-9

Burnet, TX



Jul 24-29

Salmo, BC


Burner Baazar

Aug 21-29

Nixon, NV


Experience the Fusion of Our Art

Our vending at festivals are collaboration efforts with artworks of 10-20 artists per event.

Each artist is hand-selected to bring attendees the very best talent from across the scenes. Many of the artists we select either do not have the inventory, reputation, logistical power, or desire to stock and operate a whole booth, or have sthe geographical availability to attend. Therefore, we operate as a beautiful umbrella for you as an attendee to experience a plethora of artists under one booth!

As you would expect, we organize our booths by style so you can shop by the spectrum of your imagination!

Join Our Photoshoots!

Part of the fun of having a booth full of fashion is that we can play dress up and capture some live-action art! Please come stop by and let us know if you’d like to participate in our stylized photoshoots. We talk to you about what vibe you’re feeling and make it happen :)

You will also receive a discount on any item that you model!

Check Out Our Software

As a technology company, we’d like to show you what our product has to offer! Between moments of shopping for ‘now’ we can demonstrate the value we offer year-round!

Win a Giveaway!

Every attendee who stops by and downloads our app is entered to win one of our exclusive giveaway items! Bonus entries for those who participate in our photoshoots ;)

Are you an artist who is interested in selling with us?

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