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Gain More Opportunities

Align with artists to create stunning content and earn income doing what you love

As a modelAs a photographer

Match with artists

Set your rates and offerings

Receive training to level up

Use our digital tools

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How Does This Sound?

As a talented creator

Get paid by artists in either cash or trade

Take part in professional photoshoots that we arrange for you

Always have the hottest outfits to wear to your favorite events

Gain additional popularity on social channels

Level up your skills and turn your passion into a profession

We hear you and made this solution to help ❤️

Everything we do is to help you navigate the complexities of selling your art online. We empathize that artists are typically analog humans who prefer to focus on making the art rather than how to sell it. Utilize our digital skills to bring you closer to artistic and financial freedom!

How It Works

We’ve listened to your needs and have made the process swift, simple and enjoyable. Partnering with us should be the easiest task on your agenda today.

1. Connect with Us

Introduce yourself and fill out our onboarding survey

2. Fill Out Your Portfolio

Show interested artists what you’re all about! Past experience, skills, desires, and your rates for services.

3. Align with Artists

Once we complete a match, talk to the artist and organize creative details and timelines.

4. Create the Assets

Work to create the agreed upon assets for the artists, whether it be solo or with an arranged group of models and photographers.

5. Share Your Creations

After delivering the assets to the artist, share them on your social media channels in alignment with what you and the artist have agreed on.

6. Receive Payment & Praise

Second half payments complete and let the admiration pour in from your fans!

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Don't Forget!

We employ a “commission code” feature for all users to cash in on spreading the good word of Agora.

After generating your unique code, you can share it to your community to receive 40% of their paid subscriptions for a WHOLE YEAR!

Here is some basic math to get you excited

Let say your profile looks like:

  • 5000 views on average per post
  • 500 likes on average per post

If 5% of your views check it out, and half of them sign up for a paid subscription, that would make for 125 sign ups per post.

That 125 sign ups would generate around $780 per month in revenue based on our current offering.

From that $780 per month, 40% would be yours. Meaning that you would bring home $315 per month for 12 months for a single post! Potentially paying you $3,780 for that one post over the course of the year.

Imagine if you were a consistent advocate for our brand and consistently broadcasted your code. This could be help bring in monthly income to support the fun in your lifestyle!

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