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Does This Sound Familiar?

In the life of an artist

Posting on social media but getting very little views or engagement

Wondering where to find your next ideal customer

Wanting more advocates with greater reach for your brand

Tired of doing everything yourself and wanting some support

We hear you and made this solution to help ❤️

Everything we do is to help you navigate the complexities of selling your art online. We empathize that artists are typically analog humans who prefer to focus on making the art rather than how to sell it. Utilize our digital skills to bring you closer to artistic and financial freedom!

How It Works

We’ve listened to your needs and have made the process swift, simple and enjoyable. Partnering with us should be the easiest task on your agenda today.

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Introduce yourself and claim your artist profile.

2. Complete Your Profile

Make your profile complete with everything you’d like your customers to know!

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Introduce yourself to our community to share knowledge and networks.

4. Upload Your Inventory CSV

Easily upload your Shopify or Etsy product CSV inventory to make your artworks searchable and recommended through our search and AI matchmaking features.

5. Boost Your Profile

Increase your profile’s visibility in our algorithms by getting your existing community on board. Favoriting your profile and products will increase your future exposure.

6. Connect to Collaborate

Interested in content creation? What about vending with us at festivals? Reach out to us for opportunities to expand your reach.


Please explore our artist-friendly service offerings

Access Your Profile

Represent yourself in your own voice

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Claim your profile in our directory
Update your links and about info
Data on who is viewing your profile

Inventory Traffic

Pay as you go on a per-view basis

$0.10/ view
Limited to ideal customers
No sales commission
Data on who is viewing your products
Included in Ask AI recommendations
Send sale notifications to customers
A Shopify plugin will be created in the future to charge a sales commission - reducing the cost per view.

Custom Photo Gallery

Add a custom image gallery to show your best work, and receive boosted views.

$7/ month
Up to 10 images for users to browse
Toggle to see your Instagram feed
Special algorithmic boost = more views
Receive an official badge on your profile
Gain momentum early in our rankings

Sponsored Placements

Rise to the top of the list by investing in capturing your next customer

$0.50/ view
Rank at the top of artist directory
Come up first in artist searches
Products are ranked first
Filter your target audience
Set your budget over a timeframe
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