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Where Creativity is Interrupted by Complexity

Tired of halting your creativity to find the right buyer for your art?

In the digital world's constant buzz, where genuine art often gets lost in the shuffle, your creative voice deserves to be heard, not hidden. At Agora Art, we understand that your art is more than just a product; it's a reflection of your soul, a story longing to be told. Here, you're not just another artist in the crowd; you're a visionary shaping the fabric of our artistic community.

We know the challenges: the daunting task of marketing, the complexity of online selling, the battle for attention in a crowded digital landscape. That's why we've crafted a platform that elevates your work beyond these barriers. Our mission is to help you find your audience, the ones that will truly love and cherish your art that you put your heart and soul into. We navigate the intricacies of the digital world together, ensuring your art resonates with those who appreciate its true value.

We understand that you just want to focus on the art. Let us grow with you and take on some of the responsibility so you can focus on the parts you love.

Built To Drive Traffic
Features that drive traffic directly to your existing online stores, designed to increase visibility and sales.
AI Connecting You To Buyers
Our budding AI technology expertly matches your creations with buyers, ensuring your art finds its perfect audience.
Content Creator Collaboration
Collaborate with talented content creators to broadcast and showcase your art to a broader audience.
Marketing & Logistics Support
Leverage our marketing and logistics teams to help you navigate your path to success, like a big brother/sister in the art world.
Coming in 2025

How It Works for Artists

Our goal is to make your experience swift, simple, and enjoyable. Partnering with Agora Art should be the easiest task on your agenda today.

Connect and authenticate your Instagram to claim and personalize your artist profile.
Fill out your profile with all essential links and information to showcase your artistry.
Provided personal Facebook profiles are added to our private group for exclusive artist networking and community engagement.
Easily upload your Shopify or Etsy product CSV to make your artworks searchable and recommended through our AI matchmaking.
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Boost your profile's visibility by promoting it on social media, thereby increasing your algorithm ranking and amplifying exposure to potential customers.
Interested in content creation, our collaborative vending tour, or marketing assistance? Reach out to us for opportunities to expand your reach.

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Join the Agora Art community and elevate your artistry. Whether you're new to our platform or already featured, applying is quick and easy. Let's see how we can showcase your work together.
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A tall burly man wearing a colorful mosaic coat with fur has his arm around a dreaded woman in support as they overlook a lake with an autumn background

Real Voices from Our Artists

"Discovering Agora Art was a game-changer for my festival style! Their AI helped me find amazing, unique pieces that really stand out. Love how easy and fun shopping has become!"
"Discovering Agora Art was a game-changer for my festival style! Their AI helped me find amazing, unique pieces that really stand out. Love how easy and fun shopping has become!"
A beautiful mystic woman with an elaborate autumn-inspired headpiece holds her arm up in pose with a lake and autumn forest in the background
"Discovering Agora Art was a game-changer for my festival style! Their AI helped me find amazing, unique pieces that really stand out. Love how easy and fun shopping has become!"

Still Curious? We've Got Answers!

Dive into our FAQs for more insights on how Agora Art supports artists like you. From platform specifics to collaboration opportunities, find the information you need to make your artistic journey with us as smooth and successful as possible.

What criteria do you use to select artists?

Our selection is based on a blend of creative instinct, ethical standards, community connections, and presence in the festival scene. We also prioritize a drama-free environment to maintain a positive community.

In the future, we plan to open this up to the entire creative community. However, managing this expansion requires significant resources. We ask for your empathy and understanding as we undertake this monumental task.

What does it cost to sell on Agora Art?

Costs for Shopify stores include a small sales commission and a 'pay per view' fee for leads. Etsy sellers have a PPV model. We're fine-tuning these to be artist-friendly, with estimated defaults at 3% commission and $0.05-$0.20 PPV. User subscriptions help reduce seller costs.

What is the collaborative vending tour?

Our collaborative vending tour offers a unique opportunity for artists to gain exposure at music festivals. By featuring your work under the Agora Art umbrella, you'll benefit from having someone else sell your art for you and gain exposure to concentrated audience. We set up demo tablets to showcase our software and your art, and conduct impromptu photoshoots with festival-goers, creating shareable and engaging content that enhances your visibility.

Additionally, we arrange high-quality photoshoots with professional models and photographers, providing premium content that elevates the appeal of your art. This initiative is not just about sales—it's a significant marketing opportunity that boosts brand visibility and artist engagement, even if sales are modest.

It's particularly advantageous for artists who may not have the means or experience to set up their own festival booths. We provide the infrastructure and management through our dedicated vending manager (@thestellarbloom), ensuring a smooth and effective experience at each festival.

This tour is a chance to showcase your art to a wider audience, connect with the festival community, and grow your presence in the art world. For more details and to learn how you can be part of this exciting venture, please visit our 'Summer Vending' page.

How can I collaborate with content creators?

Starting 2024, we'll offer grassroots matchmaking for artists and creators. We're planning a software-based service for 2025 to facilitate hiring photographers, models, and creators. We have a growing network of creators ready to bring your brand to life.

How does the AI matchmaking feature work for selling my art?

Our 2024 AI features include a ChatGPT-like tool for product recommendations and a daily product picks generator tailored to each individual customer. We're planning to expand our AI capabilities significantly, with intentions to bring on a AI/Machine Learning cofounder in 2024.

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